The 2016 edition of The Femellectual highlighted all our our heroes, sheroes, xeroes, and super-empowered individuals in our lives. As the term “social justice warrior” became an attack against those working in the movement for progress, our publication sought to show love to everyone fighting for equity, empathy, and accountability. Our cover superstar Femellectrix, a black genderqueer vanquisher of injustice, led us on our journey of curating The Femellectual. We dedicate this issue to the bravery and honesty of the human experience.


Cover by Ilana Feldman and image “Aurora” by Michael Sosan

Submissions gave us empowered voices ready for change, reflective personal essays full of self-love, and bodies of different shapes, sizes, and colors that house beautiful minds. Following our 2015 edition “Voices of the Voiceless,” we knew we were no longer voiceless – we had been heard – but we were not finished. Leaders emerged. We began to speak, and we found more and more to say, to tell, to teach, and to learn. We took off the blinders. We told our stories. We became who we knew we always could be – our own superstars and superstars in our communities. So became The Femellectual 2016.

Visit the Women*s and LGBTQ+ Center at 3012 Armstrong Student Center, Miami University to pick up a free print copy or view an edited online version here.