What is The Femellectual?

The Femellectual, sometimes lovingly shortened to The Fem,  is an art and literature magazine produced and distributed by the Miami University Women*s Center. We strive to be a representation of counter-culture, activism, and social justice at Miami University. The Fem curates testimonies of the human experience, defiance to the status quo, and visions for change.

You can view our past editions by selecting the publication year from the menu above.

How do I submit my work?

Please send all works to mufemellectual@gmail.com. We prefer .jpeg files for art pieces and .doc/.docx (Microsoft Word) files for writing submissions.

In your email, please include:

  1. Your name as you wish it to appear alongside your piece, a pen name, or a request to publish your piece anonymously
  2. The genre of your piece if written, the medium of your piece if visual
  3. An artist’s statement if submitting a visual work
  4. (Optional) A sentence about your subjectivity as a creator, or to mention which of your identities inform these pieces.  

Where can I get a printed copy of The Femellectual?

Print copies of The Fem are available for free to all in the Miami University Women*s and LGBTQ+ Center, Armstrong Student Center 3012.

How can I learn more about the Miami University Women*s Center?

Visit our website or stop in to say hi at 3012 Armstrong. We are open 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, and all are welcome. Also, feel free to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

What can I submit to The Fem?

We encourage creative folks to submit work of all mediums – visual and written; however, be mindful that we must be able to print the work in a 2D booklet format. We will accept high quality photos of sculptures or 3D art works for consideration. Please use .doc or .docx formats, .jpegs, or else in the body of your email.

Our publication averages 40 pages per cycle. Please keep your submissions under 5 pages. Submissions over 5 pages may be considered only in specific instances, so please contact us with any questions.

We aim to showcase as many voices as possible. You are free to submit up to three (3) pieces maximum to be considered for publication.

Please check out our theme for this publishing cycle for specific creative direction. As a publication, we support social justice-based work and seek to amplify marginalized and alternative voices.

My work features nudity. Is it eligible for submission to The Fem?

We believe that there is no shame in the human body’s most natural state, and we have previously published strong pieces including nude models. However, we acknowledge the traumas and risks associated with nudity present in our current world and seek to enforce each person’s autonomy over their own body. For these reasons, we require freely obtained consent from all participants portrayed photographically in the art work. Please email us at mufemellectual@gmail.com to begin this process. 

We seek to empower and uplift all individuals, and we consider body-positivity a central component of this work. While we encourage non-normative and exploratory pieces, we will deny any piece that does not honor the autonomy and power of individuals portrayed.

Who can submit to The Fem?

The Fem serves the Miami University community, and thus submissions by undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, faculty, and Oxford community members are welcomed. We accept work from people of all genders or people with no gender.

Can I submit my work anonymously?

Absolutely. We understand that many of our contributions are sensitive in nature. As a staff, we at The Fem fully respect the confidentiality of our authors and artists. Just let us know how you would like your work to be attributed when you send us your submission. 


Why didn’t my piece get accepted?

The Women*s Center Intern Staff reads each piece individually before we meet and discuss them as a staff. We evaluate each piece based on whether it aligns with our values of respect, empowerment, and anti-oppression as well as for its literary or artistic merit. We will not accept pieces with derogatory or inflammatory language, unless it is used for literary effect to draw attention to racism, cultural and economic elitism etc. We will not print pieces that marginalize individuals based on race, gender identity, disability, or religion. After each piece has been discussed as a group, a simple majority vote decides whether or not it will be included in The Fem. We encourage you to workshop your pieces with your professors and to seek multiple forms of feedback before submitting. We consider The Femellectual to be an open and creative forum for expression. We accept far more material than we reject. If your piece is not accepted you will be notified by e-mail. If you have any questions as to why your work might have been rejected, we encourage you to Contact Us.

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at mufemellectual@gmail.com or check out our Contact Us page!


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